The Dream Job Generator ® | 9 Week One-To-One


The Dream Job Generator ® | 9 Week One-To-One

$ 999.00 USD
$ 1,999.00 USD

The Dream Job Generator ®

This is what saved my life when I was struggling with being an artist and trying to work every day at a job I did not love.

You’re frustrated in your job.. but you don’t want another “make a million dollars” scam you don’t want to start a business right now, you don’t want passive income or to drive Uber to make ends meet, you just want to get the BEST JOB or OPPORTUNITY IN THE WORLD JUST FOR YOU, AND ONLY YOU.

Are you in a place where you need some change in your life?  I was.  

And if you are like I was, you probably think that you don’t have a choice, and you just have to live with this terrible job you have to make life work.

There’s a lot of people quitting right now.. moving to another job for more money, but they end up recreating the same experiences and start to regret or hate the new job just as much as the last one.  

Well, none of this has to be true for you.

I connect with people who feel lost in life or business, and want to change but don’t know what to do.  I help them by explaining the hidden truths and concepts behind the law of Attraction that I’ve learned to create my own dream jobs.  

I want to help you get more life and more money more fulfillment and get into the work of your dreams.   

At one point in my life, I was a homeless veteran.  I slept in a warehouse, and worked out of a makeshift studio that was built by a friend.  I remember days going by when I didn’t have a dollar to buy a McChicken.  It was hard at times, but that time is behind me, and it vanished FAST once my consciousness changed.   

Yes.. I was waking up.  

Like many of you, I saw the law of attraction movie.. The Secret… but I was more interested in the books that inspired it.  

It sparked my lifelong desire to discover and understand how to move through this universe with the most peace, with plenty, and doing the things that I love, for myself and the ones I care about.

As I learned and applied these techniques, I watched my life transform.  

One day, I came across this concept about lifting yourself up out of a present job.  I was studying some other concepts at the time, thought of a way to put them all to the test, and saw magic happen in my life. \

I had a job CREATED for me out of thin air, by one of the worlds largest companies, and it happened with a little bit of imagination and some fun feelings in my heart. 

I got equipment purchased for me, traveled, started a company, landed tv placements, and even became the voice of the Ga Lottery Powerball.

I’ve since used it to manifest so many dream situations and extraordinary circumstances that it has been difficult to deny the power of these techniques. 

With these principles, taught through twice weekly calls, unlimited, 24/7 access via email and text, I will teach you how to use this power that is everywhere and in everyone, a power to help you bring into your life the kinds of jobs and opportunities that are just for you, custom made and manifested for you in the universe.  

For me, this was exactly what I needed to get to working on a path I was happy to be on while I was working on my dreams.

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