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Destroy Obstacles, Create AMAZING Music, And Get Your Project Out.

It's Time to

Get Your Stuff Done.

Now, you have a partner on this journey. Someone who can move quickly and get a LOT of stuff done for you and with you.

I am Couleen "Skot Free" LaGon and I am the most versatile music producer on the planet.

And not only that, I'm a creative powerhouse that can help you with EVERY aspect of creating YOUR unique sound, building out your online presence, assist with creative design, do your background administration, and ensure you have opportunities to help you get PAID for for your music.

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One-To-One Coaching
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Ignite Your Creative Power and Get Your Dreams Out with My UNIQUE Approach!

🚀 Specialized Mindset Coaching: Crush obstacles, unleash creative potential and become YOU.

💡 Do-For-You Creative: I will help you bring your visions to life, hands-on.

🌟 Resilient Mindset Mastery: Learn my essentials for attracting success.

📈 Bespoke Plans: Your dreams + my strategies = winning combo.

🔄 Follow-Up Excellence: I'm with you all the way.

✨ Refined Processes: Un-complicate your journey to success.

🔑 Your Life Unlocked: My one-to-one, unique coaching program is Your Transformative Key!

🥊 Ideas that Pack a Punch: Get the benefit of the knowledge and experience of someone who has done it, without the scars.

Your Dreams Become Our Mission. Let's Soar, Together!

Generate Your Dream Job
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Actually Unlock Your Dream Situation with The Dream Job Generator®!

🌟 It's a Key To Transforming How You Work Forever: Live your passion every day.

🎯 Your Path to Freedom: Discover the magic of manifestation in your life.

🌈 Creative Acts Unleashed: Align your true self with you what you do every day to live. Be happy with what you do while you are co-creating your dream.

💡 Personal Empowerment: Craft the perfect situations with minimal effort.

🚀 Co-Creation Mastery: Shape your reality and your destiny, step by step.

📚 One-on-One Coaching: I will unveil the secrets to my own successes and help you create your own.

🎬 Transformative Videos: Learn, and keep for yourself, all of our zoom calls. So you can repeat, apply, achieve.

Your Dream Job Awaits – Let's Make It Happen, Together!

Creative & Production
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Get the Support You Need To Explode Your Creative Power with Someone Who Has Unparalleled Versatility!

🎨 Master of All Trades: From videos to music, admin to content creation, directing to editing, design and implementation... I can do it all.

🏋️ Musical Versatility: I am the most versatile music producer in the world and can help any artist achieve their BEST work.

🏢 Business Builder: I'll build with you, always considering legacy implications of everything that we do.

🎶 Sonic Wisdom: Offering the option for impactful placement opportunities with Sony Music Publishing.

🚀 Success Blueprint: Artist development experience.

🌟 Beyond Talent: It's about believing you can achieve.

💪 Endless Possibilities: I can tackle ANY challenge.

🎬 Film & TV Influence: Lots of expertise from the entertainment world.

🤝 Collaborative Magic: Together, we make your dreams reality.

🙏 Spiritually Minded: I know that we are channels for this creative energy that we express. Let's align ourselves to POWER.

Elevate Your Creative Journey – Let's Craft Your Success, Side by Side!

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I Help Creatives Focus More On Their Creations.

By shouldering the burden of administrative tasks, strategic intricacies and production, I enable creatives to channel their energy towards what truly matters –
their creative.

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Then, let's see if we can move forward on making them a reality.

I've Worked With

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...and many other companies as well as countless artists and creative entrepreneurs.

My Dreams Are Always Coming True.

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“This sound is the future.”

Jimmy Iovine

Founder, Interscope Records

“Couleen is a master at helping creative visions come to life. And the best part is he does it with an attitude of genuine service.”

BrandMan Sean

Host of "No Lables Necessary" podcast and Master Branding Consultant

“I loved the book!”

M Parada

Life Coach

“Skot Free, I don’t even know what to call you. My brother my friend, my producer, mentor and counselor. You’re just that dude. I met Skot in 2006 while I Was performing. We exchanged info and started working with each other. He changed me from being a rapper to being an artist. I’ve learned many things from Skot. Always keep God first. Take care of your family. Live your life be happy and let everything play itself out. I gained a family member when I met Skot. Thank you for everything big brother.”


Artist and Entreprenuer

“Been listening to Down Not Out and LOVE it! Awesome in the background while working and getting stuff done !”

I. Rogan

Startup Marketer

"Mr. LaGon, you have been more like a life guide.  When I came to you about my NFT dream and idea, the advice you gave me was priceless.  Little did I know you were setting me up to be successful in what I was doing.  When you told me what small steps to take in this journey, I took those steps and the end result was my dream coming to life.  I believe in doing the work for what you want but the tools you gave me made it so much easier.  SO for that, I want to thank you for your support and guidance, time and knowledge, and sharing it all with me.  I now have 7500 non-fungible token (NFTs) that are digital assets with ownership verified by the same decentralized BlockChain technology used by today's crypto currencies thanks to you and your guidance."

Hudson and Savage

CEO Bag Outta Nowhere

“Spoken by the wise one himself.  The first dude in real life I heard talk this law and show and prove back in 2002 to 2003 and do it over and over!!!  I salute you bro way ahead of your time.”

J Morgan

CEO and Entrepreneur

“This is sinking in quickly, the voice is outstanding! I literally will listen to this for hours!”

L. Maxwell

Artist and Producer
A co-believer with the ability to get things done for you and with you

Let's Get Going On Building YOUR Dreams.

Let's Start Doing...
So You Can Leave The Past Behind.

Are you frustrated? Tired of feeling stuck... like you keep doing the same things but aren't going anywhere? Or you can't really get going on anything at all?

Do you actually see yourself living a different life or doing something different than what you are doing now? As if you are out of place.

I did too. And at the time, I was a homeless veteran. And although I am still striving to become my best self every day, I am far and away from being the guy sleeping in a warehouse who thought he was gonna be Pharrell in five seconds.

Let me help you see clearly and cut through the fog of your own mind. Help you believe more in yourself, to get a plan established, and help you get your genius out.


Couleen "Skot Free" LaGon
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